For many people, when it comes to air travel fashion tends to take a back seat. With all the waiting and time spent sitting on flights, people naturally seek comfort when traveling. Meet Kimmy KUO, an inspirational fashion designer from Taiwan who’s been working hard to make fashion a priority for passengers. By creating pieces that are not only chic but also functional, Kimmy is helping to bring well-designed pieces to the skies.

“Since I was a little girl I always enjoyed painting and sketching the outfits from the magazines. Becoming a fashion designer was my first aspiration; therefore I received my M.F.A degree from Academy of Art University. I am in love with both woven and knitwear design. After years in the fashion industry, I launched my women’s wear label under my name in spring 2011.”

In her recent collection, Kimmy KUO has focused her designs around celebrity airport style. Her goal is to create a different story within each collection. By combining different structures and functional designs, Kimmy allows her customers the ability to create their own look and story by mix n’ matching pieces.

“I think the outfits we wear everyday should bring us the courage to dream and help us to find ourselves by trying different styles. I want everyone to enjoy and play with the distinct stories in our collection. I believe people can definitely show themselves in what they wear. Each design will create a unique style and will help create another story in their life.”

Looking airport chic while traveling doesn’t mean wearing something that makes you feel uncomfortable. It means that you have found the perfect balance between comfort and style. Kimmy KUO helps travelers find the perfect fabrics that are functional as well as comfortable. Her collection allows people to feel good in what they are wearing, but also look beautiful.

“For traveling, people need some comfortable pieces. That doesn’t mean you have to wear pajamas. In my opinion, loose silhouettes such as a drop shoulder sweatshirt or palazzo are wonderful items with great freedom of movement and style. Natural materials like cotton, silk and some other light weight fibers are the perfect choice for travel. People might be curious as to why silk is a good choice, but silk is now being made with elastin, making it extra soft and less likely to wrinkle. These natural fabrics can prevent static on the plane, and are super lightweight for packing in your luggage.”

If you’re looking to improve your style for your next flight and are inspired by Kimmy KUO’s designs, be sure to visit her website to see all of her beautiful collections. You can find her on Facebook at KimmyKuoDesign or visit her shop on Etsy at Oukymmik. You can also stay up-to-date on Instagram @kuokimmy. For more information, contact Kimmy by email at