When thinking about destinations with great coffee culture, it’s sometimes easy for the UK to fall by the wayside. Better known for its teashops, London is quickly growing into a city known for its cafes and coffee shops. With some interesting chain cafés as well as independent branches popping up all over the city, you are sure to find the perfect location to enjoy some coffee while visiting London.

Starbucks – St.Katherines Docks

Some coffee purists may look down on those who wish to have coffee in any chain café. However, depending on what you may think of the coffee itself, there are still some rather stylish spots to go to in London. This particular Starbucks is situated in a scenic spot in London, not far from the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. It has an upstairs seating area and tables outside. St. Katherine’s docks is not only a great place to visit for coffee, it’s also home to some lovely shops and restaurants, as well as various events and festivals. 

Café Nero – High street Kensington

Cafe nero

If you are an avid Nero fan (the Café not the Roman Emperor), then head down to the branch near High Street Kensington station. It’s a very modern mini skyscraper looking building and is situated just down the road from the Albert Hall and Hyde Park.

Le Pain Quotidien – Southbank

Le pain

Le Pain Quotidien cafés can be quite busy and over-crowded, but this lesser known spot next to the Royal Festival Hall has a large downstairs space, perfect if you’re looking to get some work done or visiting with a larger group of people. Note: there is noise from the trains rattling overhead every now and again.

Benugo – Kings Cross, St. Pancras


A lesser, well-known chain Benugo, has various locations across the city, including this location in Kings Cross St Pancras. Benugo is a great place to stop for coffee in an area surrounded by great food options. While traveling through St. Pancras head across the road to Kings Cross to stop by Benito’s Hat for burritos, Wasabi for sushi or check out some of the many other traditional English restaurants located upstairs. Side note: Much to the dismay of some Harry Potter fans, the old original spot for Harry Potter’s platform 9 and ¾ no longer exists, but a place has been set up on a different wall for tourists to take pictures.

Monmouth Coffee – Covent Garden


This café has three locations situated in London. The Covent Garden location is amongst the favorites of many, and includes great coffee, delicious flat whites and a perfect atmosphere for sipping a hot beverage with friends.

Timberyard – Covent Garden

timber yard

Timberyard is home to some great coffee, food and service. Its location however can become busy very quickly, with many people using the space to create make shift offices to get work done. The Media Room and Boardroom are also available for bookings if you ever need a trendy place to have meetings, etc.

Department of Coffee and Social Affairs – St. Martins Courtyard

dep. of coffee and social affairs

Just across the street from the Timberyard, you will find the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs. This location is a bit quieter and away from the frantic life of London. This location offers a variety of different bean selections for coffee enthusiasts looking for more than one type of blend.

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