Have you ever found yourself standing at the baggage carousel, waiting patiently for your luggage to arrive, but it never does? If so, you know all about the frustrating and inconvenient procedure that follows next. Finding your lost airline luggage means waiting in long lines at baggage claims, filing a report with an agent, then waiting hours to days for the safe return of your luggage. Worst-case scenario, your luggage is never returned and you find yourself with an insignificant airline reimbursement that is supposed to replace all of your priceless possessions. Ugh!

Solution?? Say hello to GPS luggage tags and goodbye to losing your luggage!! GPS tags allow travelers to keep track of the exact location of their bags at all times. Travelers link the tags with their smartphones, and then program it with their flight information. When the bag is found, the user is alerted via text or email. Your travel information is stored securely online and protects you from wandering eyes. 

Here are 3 brands we think are worth giving a try!

#1 – GoCodes: These tags make it easy to retrieve lost items. Each GoCode has a unique, web-enabled fingerprint that connects the person who finds your luggage to you. By simply scanning the GoCode with their smart phone or entering the code on the GoCode website, you will be notified that your luggage has been found. Retails for $14.99US.


#2 – DynoTags: Canadian company Dynotag, allows you to instantly enter new and up to date information at any stage of your travel. If your bag is lost, you can offer a reward, enter the city you might have a lay over in or even have the tag show your hotel phone number. The options are limitless. Retails for $22.95 CAN. 


#3 – TrackDot Luggage Tracker: Trackdots GPS tracker is slightly different from the rest. This tracker is placed inside your bag, and uses cellular networks to monitor your bags location. When you fly, Trakdot Luggage tag goes to sleep and awakes upon arrival. Depending on your preferences, a text-message or email is sent to you confirming that your luggage has arrived with you. Note: it does require a service fee and charges may apply when receiving text messages. Retails for $49.99US.