Have you ever wondered how airports work and who’s in charge of keeping your flight running smoothly? When it comes to air travel, there are hundreds of employees working together to make sure your flight gets safely from Point A to Point B. From Air Traffic Controllers, Pilots, Flight Attendants, Baggage Crew, Gate Agents, Security Officers, to Cleaning Staff, it takes a large group of people working together to make sure airports functions properly.

Today we are highlighting the hard work of our Ground Operations Team! If it weren’t for these employees, all the important details we take for granted when traveling would not get done. The individuals working in ground operations have job duties that vary from welcoming passengers to airports, to ensuring an aircraft’s takeoff. Air operations personnel play a crucial role in areas such as commercial activities, airline operations and the running of airports. They work at airports to keep airplanes running efficiently, and you the passenger happy.

Ground Operator duties may include:

– Welcoming passengers and handling the counter.
– Providing essential flight information to passengers.
– Ensuring passengers have an easy and comfortable experience.
– Carrying out check-in, boarding and disembarkation procedures.
– Coordinating and managing staff around the aircraft during its stopover.
– Preparation of the flight plan, fuel, weather condition and other important information.
– Drafting and handing over the necessary documents for the flight to the aircraft captain.
– Management of takeoff slots with air traffic organizations.
– Management of the airline network and fleet.

The next time you visit an airport, be sure to treat your ground personnel and other airport employees with respect and patience. Not only are these members trying to ensure you have a pleasant trip, but they are also working hard to micro-manage a variety of other tasks. Imagine trying to do all these duties while dealing with a big winter storm, flight cancellations, delays, and/or aircraft maintenance.

A big THANK YOU to our Ground Operations Team for helping to keep our airports running smoothly!! A special thanks to Kolibri (@klbri on Instagram), who always brings a smile to work! We love everything that she represents!! Don’t forget to take a minute and appreciate all the hard work that your Ground Operators do to help make your flight more enjoyable! 

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