There are those of us who travel for business, spending precious mid-flight hours getting reports done and catching up on emails. Then there are those of us who fly for pleasure, taking trips to refuel, explore the world, and/or visit family.

When we fly for pleasure, planes become our work-free zones where we can relax uninterrupted and indulge in our favorite guilty pleasures. Read a trashy magazine, watch a cheesy movie, eat a favorite snack, drink a glass of wine (or three) or simply take a nap. Why wouldn’t you? You have nowhere else to be right!

In a recent survey, we asked fellow passengers what their in-flight guilty pleasures were. Here are some of our favorites.

In-Flight Guilty Pleasure:

“I refuse to work during a flight. I order a glass of wine, eat a chocolate bar and read the SkyMall magazine in search of some unnecessary item to purchase.”

“Read, read and read some more. I never have time to sit down and read in my busy everyday life, so flying is a chance for me to catch up on my favorite novel or magazine.”

“One word: Sleep! I pop a Xanax and catch up on some much needed rest!”

“I hate to fly so I usually use it as an excuse to drink wine and zone out to some new music on my iPhone.”

“I download all the Housewives series and catch up on trashy TV shows.”

“My favorite in-flight guilty pleasure is simply staring out the window and taking pictures of the views. It’s my chance to do some thinking and relax.”

“It’s all about Instyle, US Weekly, People, and InTouch. Need I say more!”

“Relax? Not possible with a 2 year old in tow!! My only in-flight pleasure is to survive the flight with my busy toddler.”

“People watching. Air travel is funny to me because people get so stressed and awkward. I love watching people when they are out of their element; trying to cram their luggage in the overhead, waiting impatiently for the bathroom, pressing the overhead button a million times, or trying to get up during taxiing. I also secretly love listening to the stories of those around me. People share the craziest information with complete strangers.”

What are your favorite in-flight guilt pleasures?? Share below in the comments; we’d love to hear your story!