More then 35 million passengers pass through Newark International Airport each year, making it one of the busiest hubs in the country. With so many passengers arriving and departing each day, the demand for a more modern terminal has finally been approved.

United has recently announced a plan for a $120 million renovation to Newark Airport’s Terminal C. The renovation will include 55 new dining venues that will feature over 20 high-end restaurants inspired by renowned chefs from around the world. According to United, the renovation should take 18 months to complete, and will begin around November.

The terminal will also feature 6,000 iPads and 10,000 outlets, helping to modernize the terminal by allowing passengers to track flights, order food and purchase travel services.

Modern bar with internet terminals

Many other airlines, including JetBlue and Delta, have spent millions recently renovating their main terminals. Air travel has become the norm for most people, making airports a common hub for socializing and entertainment. People expect to spend money during their layovers, so it only makes sense for airlines to improve their facilities in order to maximize revenue.

With all the stress that comes with air travel, passengers need a place where they can unwind and relax between flights. The airport of tomorrow will hopefully feature calm spaces with modern amenities, making air travel a little less hectic and much more enjoyable. 

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