Meet Priscilia Suchi Best, a fashion designer from Nigeria who brings comfort and style to the skies. Even while in commute, Priscilia makes fashion look effortless and chic. Priscilia has always had an eye for fashion. Her inspiration came from those ahead of her in the industry, but ultimately it was her undying love for fashion that led her to become a fashion designer. Today Priscilia is the Head Designer of Suchille Clothing, a brand that represents the every day women.

airport fashion

“Suchille Clothing is a fashion brand that every woman should love. We are always concerned about women’s comfort; that is key for us. We stay Simple, Stylish and Chic in our designs. We’re not a luxury brand. We’re here to make every woman look and feel her best. We also make custom made dresses for special occasions.”

Priscilia’s airport style is everything it should be! She is classic, glamorous and comfortable all at the same time. Priscilia’s look is always paired with the right accessory, whether it be a hat, cute shoe, the perfect size travel bag or a stylish piece of jewelry, she is sure to complete her look with the right piece.

“My advice to anyone with fashion is ‘comfort is key’! It is in comfort that you stay stylish and chic in whatever it is you’re wearing. Whether your airport style is considered chic, glam, classy, casual or boho, make sure you are comfortable in it otherwise it would be an epic fail…”

Be sure to follow all of Priscilia’s beautiful looks on Instagram and Twitter @psuchibest.

If you’d like more information on her designs or would like to purchase some of the amazing ready-to-wear pieces from her local retail store, check out Suchille Clothing online! You can also follow the store on Twitter @suchille, Instagram @suchilleclothings, or on Facebook @ Suchille Clothings!