Meet Shalane, a 26-year-old flight attendant from Utrecht, Netherlands and the creator of the blog, The Fashion Moodboard. Inspired by her travels, Shalane created her website as a way to share her love for all things travel and fashion.


“I started The Fashion Moodboard almost 6 years ago as a platform to share my ideas about fashion and style. In the beginning, I mainly focused on fashion, especially outfits from the thrift store.

When I got my job as a flight attendant it quickly changed into a lifestyle blog where I write about my travels. From there, my blog has continued to grow incorporating recipes and DIY projects. Although I still focus mainly on fashion, you can definitely find a lot of other subjects on my blog as well.”

Working as a flight attendant has allowed Shalane the opportunity to travel all around the world. Although her current airline only flies within Europe, her love for travel has taken her well beyond European borders.

“At the moment I only fly within Europe. My favorite layover destination is Trondheim, Norway. I absolutely love Norway. It is so beautiful and the people are really friendly! There is nothing better then walking around and breathing in the fresh air there.

When on a holiday, I always love to go to Southeast Asia. I’ve been to Thailand 3 times and I really, really love it there! I just came back from a trip to Indonesia, where I fell in love with Bali. We brought back some beautiful woodcarving and silver jewelry.”

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For travelers like Shalane, travel is so much more then simply visiting a new destination, it is a chance to learn, grow and appreciate new things. The Fashion Moodboard is not only a look inside Shalane’s travels, but also an inspiration for those looking to start traveling.

“Traveling has taught me so much. I started traveling at a very young age and first joined my airline at 21 years old. I quickly learned how to be independent and do things by myself. There are many occasions where the other crewmembers don’t want to join me, so I’ve learned to do some things on my own, which is perfectly fine with me. Travel has also helped me put things into perspective, as well as appreciate the little things in my life. It has also reminded me that I love my home, my family and that my time there is worth so much!”

As an avid traveler and fashion blogger, Shalane is a pro when it comes to packing the perfect travel outfit. Although she recognizes the importance of overall comfort when flying, she also knows the importance of remaining chic and stylish while in the air. 

“I personally like to wear something warm and comfy on board the airplane even if it will be warm at our final destination. Since I always travel on staff pass, I need to dress appropriately. I never wear jeans or sneakers, and usually wear black leggings or trousers with a blouse and a comfortable cardigan. For my shoes I go for loafers or espadrilles. In my hand luggage I always carry a scarf and some socks, as it’s usually really cold on the plane! When I go somewhere warm, I always take a simple dress with me in my carry-on as well, so I can change my outfit at the airport.”

As a flight attendant, travel is second nature for Shalane. But for many travelers, airports can be a place of chaos and frustration. We asked Shalane what her number one airport tip would be for her fellow passengers.

“Ah, airport travel tips! You need to take your time! You can never predict how long the queue will be at security or how long the distances are between different gates, so definitely plan extra time! Do not bring too much hand luggage as well, as it might not fit in the overhead bin and it can become a real pain in the ass for not only you, but also for your flight attendants..haha!”

To learn more about Shalane and to follow her amazing travels, be sure to check out her blog at The Fashion Moodboard. You can also follow her journeys through her beautiful photos on Instagram @fliyingfashionblogger. We love all that she represents and we hope you do too!

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