Meet Neil, a lawyer, entrepreneur and travel writer all in one. While spending years advancing his career and earning three degrees, Neil has never forgotten the importance of travel and the priceless knowledge that one can gain while on the road. Through the creation of his online business Travel Tees, Neil proves that you can find balance between your everyday work life and other passions. He represents the lifestyle that so many of us desire and will inspire you to want to get out and travel more. We hope his story will light a fire within you, and encourage you to find the time outside of your everyday work life to seek out the things that truly make you happy in life.



A brief introduction:

“I was born and raised in Canada, although my Dad is from India and my Mom from Trinidad and Tobago. People always expect me to say that I am Indian, however I have always struggled with that since I am Canadian and do not completely associate with my ethnicity. After spending time studying abroad in Monterrey, Mexico, I honestly felt more Mexican than anything else! I went to French immersion school, but studied International Business and learned Spanish during my undergrad. After my MBA and law school, I ended up in Los Angeles practicing law.”

The importance of travel:

“I’ve been traveling since I was about 1 month old and have never stopped! I find that going to new places gives me levity and clarity of thought. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine and forget what’s really important in life. It doesn’t matter where we are, the stresses of each city can build on you. Compounded by the rigors of being an attorney where you’re dealing daily with crazy clients and tense situations, it’s important for me to get away to not just see something new, but to escape the pressure that stays with you day and night. Nothing makes me feel more alive than when I exit a plane, smell that jet fuel, and feel the humidity of some tropical paradise embrace me like a warm blanket. When I’m traveling, it’s when I know that I’m really alive.”

The inspiration behind Travel Tees:

“Freedom!! Freedom is what inspired me. I had always wanted to have a successful online business so that I could travel and work anywhere I wanted to in the world without being tied down to an office. These days the kids are calling it the “laptop lifestyle” or in Twitter speak #laptoplifestyle. Also, I am a big t-shirt guy and love buying a shirt when I travel that depicts the city or country I’m visiting. If I’m in Vietnam, I buy a t-shirt that proudly says “Vietnam” or bears their flag, for example. I was so proud to wear my travels that I decided to come up with my own designs using each country’s flag and borders outline. To make it extra cool, I added a real vintage feel to the flag so it looks weathered.Ultimately Travel Teez is for fellow travelers, so that they too can proudly wear the countries they’ve travelled to, like badges of honor. What I’ve found is that when wearing these shirts, they are amazing conversation starters. For example, just standing in line at the Panda Express, a couple near me kept staring at me and talking to each other. At the time I was wearing my Brazil t-shirt. By the time I got to the cashier, they approached me, and told me they were from Brazil and next thing you know we were trading stories and exchanging phone numbers. You’d be surprised the attention you get from the right people!”


Most memorable destination:

“This is a difficult question for me because at different times in my life, different places have seemed to be the most memorable for various reasons. I would be torn to say either Mexico or India. Mexico is memorable because I lived/worked there and got to know the country and its people so intimately that it became a part of me. While in Mexico, I travelled around the entire country and related so well with the people. India is also a very memorable destination for me. There was something so gritty about the big cities, but something so incredibly spiritual that I felt cleansed. Despite the dirtiness of the big cities, there was something truly cleansing about it. The colors, the smells, and the love; you can never get rid of those memories or accurately describe that feeling.”


Travel tips:

“Always carry two sets of credit cards – one on your person and one hidden away in your baggage. Don’t forget to bring wet-wipes wherever you go. Also, if something doesn’t seem quite right, don’t do it – you’re likely getting scammed. Above all, have fun. If you’re tempted to do something such as an excursion, but unsure – DO IT!!!! Who knows when or if you’ll ever get the opportunity again.”

For more inspiring stories and tips from Neil or to purchase your very own Travel inspired t-shirt, be sure to check out his website at Travel Teez! You can also follow along with Neil on Instagram @travelteez or on Facebook at TravelTeez.