Meet Lucas, a 6 year old young adventurer and a seasoned traveler. Alongside his mother and father, this young adventurer has visited six different countries on three different continents.

Lucas beams with excitement as he waits patiently for his plane to arrive. He is off with his mom to visit his aunt in Florida. Lucas is fortunate enough to visit her frequently and clearly finds the 3-hour commute from Newark to be a breeze.

What’s your favorite part about flying? 

“I get to watch a bunch of movies”, he says. “My mom just downloaded a new Ninja Turtles movie for me! Sometimes I sleep.”

What are you going to do in Florida? 

“I’m going to swim and stay up late. Oh and eat ice cream!”

Where is the best place you’ve traveled?

 “Hmmm..Maybe Hawaii. I got to go on a boat and we went fishing.”

Lucas has seen and done more then the average American adult, and clearly has the wit to prove it. His excitement is contagious and would definitely be a great passenger aboard any flight! Safe travels little man!


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